Learn how to Consistently profit from the biggest loophole
in real estate without ever leaving your House
Learn how to consistently profit from the biggest loophole in real estate without ever leaving your House
If you're ready to scale and build a predictable business that spits out cash month in and month out then these strategies are for you. Our strategies work at any experience level, whether you're just getting started or have been in real estate for years.
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What is the 1-Day Intensive?
From: Auctavius Bennett & Nick Luevano
To: Action Takers Worldwide
Dear Friends,

If you're reading this, then you know coaching is the fastest way to get to the next level...

By attending our 1-Day Intensive, not only can you expect to learn everything in regards to real estate investing from A to Z, but you will also have all your questions answered by the end of the event.

At our 1-Day intensive, you will receive a full day of personal coaching that's valued over $10,000 for just a fraction of the cost.

You will also join a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are all working together to elevate their businesses - earn millions, gain freedom, and achieve the life they've always imagined...

We've mastered and uncovered the simplest way to producing predictable revenue and will be sharing our secrets to maximize profits on every single deal.
Here's Our Promise to You:
After locking in your spot, here's what you'll learn:

- Our exact marketing strategies we use to constantly have a full pipeline of qualified leads

- Our proven sales script that takes all the guesswork out of the sales process so that you can start closing deals immediately

- Our negotiation tactics to lock up deals over the phone nationwide

- Our systems and automations that allow us to to maximize profits and minimize time and effort required

- Plus 3 secret strategies you don't want to miss

And I can promise you this, it will be...
The Best Investment You Could Ever Make
(A Complete Roadmap To Creating A 7-Figure Per Year Business)
If you follow our roadmap step-by-step, you will be on your way to owning a real estate business that generates over $1,000,000 per year.

Our strategic teaching style allows us to do a full knowledge transfer so that you can implement these strategies as soon as you leave our office in Los Angeles.

This system has been proven time and time again, and we have created multiple success stories at our non-pitchy, all content 1-Day Intensive.

If you're ready to scale and build a predictable business that spits out cash month in and month out while working from anywhere in the world, then this event is for you.

During the intensive, we dive DEEP on how only doing a few things can take you a long way.

We uncover the BIGGEST misconception within the real estate investing industry, and we prove to you why you don't need to know everything to earn your first million.

Most events that "gurus" are hosting have hundreds and even thousands of attendees, making it impossible for everyone to get the personalized attention that's truly needed for success.

That's why we cap our 1-Day Intensive Event to only 10 people - so we can ensure everyone gets the individual attention they need for success.
What Will Be Covered:
 Virtual Wholesaling
 Market Research / Expansion
 Lead Generation
 Cold Calling Systems / Strategy
 Morning Routine
 Company Structure
 Automating Your Business
 Data Processing
Why Should You Learn From Us?
Auctavius Bennett
Nick Luevano
We're not "gurus" who only make their money from coaching other people and aren't actually in the field...

We're two honest and transparent entrepreneurs who are ACTIVELY in the business day in and day out, making deals happen.

We speak from experience and not from theory.

When we got started, we did not have a roadmap and had to figure out everything on our own.

There were times when we were low on funds and had no idea how we were going to pay the bills.

But with persistence, time, and effort, we went from mediocre results to now owning a business that wholesales hundreds of properties and generates millions of dollars per year.

Come learn how to do the same exact thing at our 1-Day Intensive by Applying Now.
Here's What To Do Next:
Step 1: Click the "Book Your Application Call For The One-Day Intensive Now" button anywhere on this page

Step 2: Choose a time that works best for you on the booking calendar

Step 3: Fill out the application form that pops up after booking your call

That's it, it's really that simple!

So click the button below to book your application call for our non-pitchy, all content 1-Day High-Level Intensive at our office in Los Angeles!

But before you do, we have to give you a heads up...
Time Is Of The Essence
The opportunity won't be available for much longer to join our 1-Day High-Level Intensive...

Like we mentioned earlier, there are only 10 spots available at each event to ensure that everyone gets the individual attention they need.

So don't let this opportunity pass you by...

One of the characteristics of successful people is they take action with no hesitation...

And that's what we're asking you to do now...

Click the button on this page to book your application call now for our 1-Day High-Level Intensive event before you miss out.
What Other Attendees Have To Say...
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"We've already closed two deals for $51,000 and have another $12,000 closing this Friday which is over $60,000 in revenue and $50,000 in net profit."
I learned how to scale my operation... I was only closing 1-2 deals each month then instantly hired 4 cold callers, got 5 contracts, and have 4 closings coming up.
- Alex J.
(Click image for video)
"I've done a couple hundred wholesale deals in my life but it wasn't on a big scale the last couple years... What I came here for was to grow, scale, get virtual, and leverage systems to truly go from 1-5 deals a month to 15-30 deals a month."
I believe in the last 8-10 hours, I've definitely gotten everything I need to make that happen. Nick and Auctavius are the real deal.
- Austin Z.
(Click image for video)
"I would absolutely recommend this to anyone wanting to get into wholesale and will implement everything they’ve taught me once I get home to bring in $50,000-$100,000 monthly."
Over the past two years I've sold close to $100 million in multi-family assets throughout DFW and came to the 1-Day Intensive to add wholesaling to my repertoire.
- Courtland C.
(Click image for video)
"Having the ability to plug yourself into an event where people have done this before, have been successful, can show you the model from A to Z, and allows you to bypass all the mistakes that have been made along the way has been huge for me."
I can absolutely tell you that within an hour of being here, I got more than I paid for.
- John L.
(Click image for video)
"We have taken our company to $1 million, and now we’re ready to hit $2 million by the end of this year. Thank you guys… we really appreciate everything and watch what we do in just the next 30 days."
I just finished the 1-Day Intensive and let me tell you… this was AWESOME. I’m ready to go back to my office and implement everything they taught us right away.
- Melinda R.
(Click image for video)
"It gave me more than enough info to go back into my market. I definitely recommend it to anybody who's looking to scale to do 10-50 deals a month... Whatever you want to do, they have a system that works for anyone."
I was a little on the fence but did some more research on Auctavius and Nick and decided to come out and take a leap of faith.
- Sebastian
(Click image for video)
"I’ve done over $1 million in wholesaling and I’ve done numerous deals. Even after that, I had gaps and questions that I didn’t know how to do and coming out of the intensive everything is answered and my mind is blown."
It doesn’t matter if you’ve done zero deals or multiple deals… all of this actually will help you.
- Renee
(Click image for video)
"I came to learn how to scale my business to 10-15 deals per month... These guys definitely know what they're doing and I was not disappointed.
The biggest takeaway is sometimes you don't see what's right in front of you, so coming here and hearing Nick and Auctavius explain their business gave me a lot of clarity.
- Victor H.
(Click image for video)
“The 1-Day Intensive is a really good, concise event. I also learned different markets I can possibly go into with virtual wholesaling."
I absolutely recommend this to other people if you want clarity in your business as opposed to trying to figure out marketing and all the other things that go into your business.
- Ally B.
(Click image for video)
"It was really good to see and hear what goes into their system to get contracts, put everything into place, and convert those contracts literally the same day."
My brother went to their 1-Day Intensive and I instantly realized I had to jump all over it which is why I flew in from New York.
- Zach B.
(Click image for video)
"It’s not just information or a class… this is an actual roadmap that’s going to give you everything step-by-step and make you feel empowered to do this."
I’m a real estate agent and I’m blown away because I had no idea on anything that had to do with wholesaling and now I feel like I have an actual plan.
- Virma C.
(Click image for video)
"I highly recommend these guys… they’re trustworthy, follow through on everything and went above and beyond every day during the intensive. Take the leap, believe in yourself, and trust these guys… It will be a good decision."
Being a former agent, I thought I knew everything about real estate, and jumping into this I realized I knew nothing about wholesaling.
- Michael T.
(Click image for video)
"I’ve learned so much information that I’ll actually take back and implement within the next 24 hours."
Coming out here, I was a complete newbie to the real estate market. Learning from these guys gave me the opportunity to see the process that needs to be set up to ensure that your organization is moving down the right path.
- Pierce C.
(Click image for video)
"It was an awesome event jam-packed with information that put the wholesaling business into a simple science."
If you can't figure out how to make wholesaling work for you after you leave the intensive, I don't know where else you're going to go.
- Raymond M.
(Click image for video)
"I spent the weekend with Auctavius and Nick where we went over everything from A to Z and they made sure everyone understood every item covered before moving on."
We didn't move forward until everything was explained and understood by everyone - I highly recommend it and you've got to check these guys out!
- Clive B.
Don't miss out - only 10 spots available
  • Receive our exact marketing strategies we use to consistently have a full pipeline of qualified leads ($3,997 Value)
  • Receive our proven sales script we've used to earn millions and effortlessly close deals over the phone ($4,997 Value)
  • Receive our negotiation tactics we use on every deal that's allowed us to increase profits by 25% ($2,997 Value)
  • ​Receive ALL the systems and tracking metrics that enables our business to virtually run on autopilot (Priceless)
  • ​Bonus #1: We give you EVERY legal contract we use in our business to save you THOUSANDS of dollars and countless hours of your time getting them drafted up yourself ($1,997 Value)
  • ​Bonus #2: All of our team building tips, strategies, and systems are given to you to ensure you only hire A-level team members to build your empire ($2,497 Value)
  • ​Bonus #3: You will learn ALL our retention strategies we use in our business that ensures employee longevity ($1,997 Value)
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